Aircel Free Calling & More : Official Trick August 2014


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11 Responses

  1. Chirag says:

    Hey how can we check that is activated or not and in how much time it is activated??

  2. gaurav says:

    Hey tell me sm cool aircel tricks

  3. neeraj says:

    A to A free call trick tell me

  4. jan najar says:

    thnxxx….bdw how can we check ds balance…repli must

  5. Javed says:

    hey bro..i’ve done.. wid d above information & even its activated , i guess cuz i got d message by aicrel company…& now when i try to call local A 2 A dn my main balance is decreasing ?? why ?? plz reply ;)

  6. Ankit Mor says:

    First time in my whole life I am getting this type of offer.
    Thank you, thank you so much :)

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